Don Garber wants a Major League Soccer team in St.Louis Badly

Sports fans in St.Louis received some very encouraging news when the story broke out on Thursday night that Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber, revealed to St.Louis Post Dispatch writer David Hunn, that the League is currently searching a soccer specific stadium in downtown and gather potential owners for a future expansion team. There’s no doubt that the ball is rolling rather fast for a city that recently had their hearts ripped out of their chest, when the NFL allowed the Rams to move to Los Angeles but some see the MLS move as a desperate attempt from the aftershock and lets face it, since the league started in 1996 St.Louis has failed in 3 attempts in getting a Major League Soccer franchise so right now there is reason to suspect. I believe the opposite and I believe it will happen.

Don Garber wants a Major League Soccer team in St.Louis badly and even though he said that the team could start playing in 2020, who’s to say that the team could play in 2018 and replace Miami as the 24th team in Major League Soccer? Miami Principal owner David Beckham can’t find and stadium sight for his yet to be named team. And sorry Sacramento and San Antonio; two cities who are supposedly ahead of St.Louis that already have an ownership, investors and stadium sight, but soccer history is on the side of St.Louis.

Professional soccer started locally in 1891 which many soccer clubs were started by local Churches and parishes. In 1950 five of the eleven players on the from the historic Italian town, ” The Hill” neighborhood in St. Louis, lead The U.S. Men’s World Cup team to an upset victory against England 1-0, 29 Native 29 St. Louisans have been inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame and you have two well supported local soccer teams, the St.Louis Ambush of the Major Arena Soccer League and Saint Louis FC of the United Soccer League.

Don Garber is going through greater length to prove to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who didn’t make an effort in keeping the Rams St.Louis, that the city is a solidly good sports town that fans can go out support and appreciate. There will be some roadblocks from local leaders over stadium cost once again though it won’t be as big of a battle because the stadium cost will be a lot lesser than the proposed 1.1 billion dollars NFL stadium. And should he identify an owner with very deep pockets, it would be worth the city’s investment in making St.Louis a true soccer capital than trying lure another NFL team.


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