Two former NFL cities,St.Louis and San Diego could both have a Major League Soccer team.

Well San Diego sports fans, would you like to share your grief with your fellow St.Louisans brothers and sister in losing an NFL team? I know it’s painful when your team played for over 50 years and enjoyed some of the great Chargers players that feature Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, Wes Chandler and Charlie Joyner. St. Louis shares your grieve in losing our football teams to two greedy owners who want to up their franchises in Los Angeles. One thing we also share in common is both cities have strong soccer history. San Diego doesn’t have a very deep history of soccer like St.Louis, but pro soccer in San Diego has in the past, been very successful with the success of the San Diego Sockers, who won 10 Major Indoor Soccer League titles, which were lead by great players like Victor Nogueira, Juli Veee, Brian Quinn and the legendary Steve Zungul.

An Investment Group in San Diego are planning  to redevelop the sight where Qualcomm Stadium by building a new multi-purpose stadium. Unlike St.Louis Major League Soccer plan, the San Diego Groups plans will be privately finance that will seat 40,000 and shared with San Diego State University Football team. The price of the privately finance state in San Diego will be $200 million dollars which will not be voted by the San Diego citizens while the people in St.Louis will get to vote on the stadium proposal that was past this week by the Board of Alderman’s who approved a $60 million dollar funding which should be on the ballot April 4. Both Owner groups Soccer Club Saint Louis and the San Diego ownership group are expected to file an application to the League January 31 along with 11 other cities vying to become one of the maximum 28 teams in Major League Soccer. Just think, should both of these cities are awarded a Major League Soccer they maybe come prime examples of cities bouncing back after losing their NFL franchises. Yes San Diego, losing and NFL team really sucks but just think, 10-15 year the NFL will lose their popularity do to the greedy money hungry billionaire owners who only care about their pocket books instead of their fan base.  So welcome to the club San Diego in bringing in a new sport franchise to root for and bring in some real football (futbol).


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