How Stan Kroenke Economically Screwed St.Louis

St. Louis sports fans shouldn’t forgive and move beyond Stan Kroenke and sadly many St. Louis Sports Journalist and Local politicians aren’t looking at the picture of the impact he made once he moved the Rams back to Los Angeles. When I think of my former home city of St. Louis I think of a city that once was the big brother Missouri city ahead of Kansas City. I think of St. Louis I think if a city that supported there NFL teams in both the Cardinals who play from 1960 to 1987 and the Rams from 1995 to 2015 but I also think major sporting events like hosting the World Cup Soccer Match. Now, I was very happy to see Kansas City win the bid in hosting the 2026 World Cup Soccer Match. I get to see some of my favor soccer players across the globe representing their country play on American soil in four years.

But in truth Stan Kroenke helped facilitate Kansas City in getting the World Cup when he tarred St. Louis’s image with his scathing letter to the NFL owners in his efforts in moving the Rams back to L.A. Stan is not a man with conscious, the only thing he cares is about making money with his multiple cross ownership of the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer and the Denver Nuggets. Yet might win back to back with his Hockey team the Colorado Avalanche and yet rub it in the faces to his critics like he did early this when the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl in his 5 Billion dollar stadium in Inglewood, California. That’s a sight fans in St. Louis had a hard time watch when he lifted up that Super Bowl trophy. He’s also a person that knows how destroy families too when he bought land in Texas for $725 million dollars and force them to be evicted from their homes.

The damage that he did was short-term when he wrote his reason in moving the Rams by calling St. Louis a two sports city and for a while that letter worked when other cities like Cincinnati, Nashville, Austin and Charlotte where picked ahead by Major League Soccer when the Soccer League was expanding team. Sure, St. Louis was awarded a Major League Soccer team in 2019, and sure professional football is coming back to St. Louis in the form of the XFL. But Kroenke also did a lot of long-term damage to the St. Louis because the NFL is still King of the Professional American Sports and St. Louis lost it’s bid in hosting the World Cup after the NFL owners voted to approve the move of the Rams back to Los Angeles. The stadium proposal that was going to be built on the Riverfront and was going to be the home of the Rams highly likely hosted several World Cup Soccer events in 2026 because of city’s soccer history. It’s estimated the World Cup will generate over $620 million dollars when the matches are played in Kansas City and will help various businesses throughout the region. Sure the NASCAR race along with the PGA Gold Championship game helped St. Louis image but the FIFA World Cup Soccer is a global event which supposedly the city soccer history goes back to the late 19th Century when Amateur and pro soccer teams were formed throughout the area.

So upon further review Stan Kroenke did a long term economic damage to St. Louis and people have every right to dis-like what he did, not just moving the Rams but for depriving the economic growth in the region for Major Global sporting events that could had generated close to a billion dollars. While St. Louis made him and the NFL cough up $790 million dollars he ended up getting the last laugh months later when his Rams won the Super Bowl in his own building in Inglewood, California. So to my fellow St. Louisans it’s very hard to move beyond this man and it’s justified to forever hold your rage towards this man. He should hardly be forgiving for what he said about the city of St. Louis and anytime some local politician or a local journalist tells you to move on from Stan Kroenke just remind them what he said about the city you live and what Kansas City now have in hosting the World Cup instead of St. Louis. THINK ABOUT IT!!!


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