Mizzou Should move back to the Big XII

Big 12 Conference

Dear Mrs. Desiree Reed Francois,

I know that you’ve only been the Athletic Director a full year at University of Missouri. I didn’t attend at Mizzou, in fact I attended at a small college in Southwestern Pennsylvania called California University of Pennsylvania. It’s sounds weird, but its small town called California, Pennsylvania. My roots are in the state of Missouri which I was born in St. Louis and I’m passionate about my sports at University of Missouri. Growing up I use to watch Mizzou able to compete for the Big 8 Conference against the likes of Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma St, Iowa St and Kansas St, whether it was Football, basketball and all the other athletics in the Conference. Then back in the mid 1990’s I saw the Big 8 become the Big 12 with the addition of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor and still Missouri were able to compete for the Conference title.

Since joining the Southeastern Conference in 2012 Mizzou has hardly been able to compete as mid-level athletic school and by the time Texas and Oklahoma join the in 2024, Mizzou could very well be in the bottom in Football, basketball and baseball. Face it, Mizzou is stuck in no mans and most of the top high school prospects who play football aren’t going to choose over University of Alabama or University of Georgia and In basketball top high school basketball prospect aren’t going they ever going to turn down an opportunity to play at Kentucky or Arkansas.  l miss the great rivalry Mizzou had against Kansas especially during the Big 12 Conference basketball tournament when they were competitive in winning the Conference Championship. In Football Mizzou they were always ranked in the 10 top and at times were a game away in playing in the National Football Championship whenever they played in the Big 12 Conference title.  By moving to the Big 12 in the next couple of years they will be in more competitive in conference that is suddenly growing with schools such as University of Houston, University of Central Florida, University of Cincinnati and Brigham Young University that is joining in 2024 plus there’s a possibility that the conference could add former PAC 12 schools like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Arizona St and several Mountain West Conference schools like Wyoming, Colorado State and Nevada.  I know there’s a lot of revenue that the SEC generations from their own Network station which is tied to ESPN/Disney Channel but the Big 12 could end up with a more lucrative deal Apple TV + that could generate just as much money as the SEC. It would be a win for the program, the University and the Mizzou fan like me to see the them competitive again and be talked about in the college sports world. It’s time to make the switch back to the Big 12 Conference and they need to do it ASAP Mrs. Francois.


Alistair Fannell

University of Mizzou Sports Fan


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