Albert Pujols Is the Greatest Cardinals Ever in This Present Generation

There will be many critics and questions on what I’m about to say in regards on who’s the greatest St. Louis Cardinal of all-time. I was born on June 5, 1974, I wasn’t alive when Stan Musial thrilled Cardinals fans every time he would get a, RBI or a home run at old Sportsman Park in downtown St. Louis. I was year old when the Great Bob Gibson retired in 1975 but was fortunate to see Lou Brock play his final game at Busch Stadium in 1979. Then I saw the great Ozzie Smith come to St. Louis after he was traded from San Diego, and his amazing defensive play. But after watching Albert Pujols over the last 20 years to me and my eyes I see the greatest St Louis Cardinals player of my generation and maybe in the eye of Cardinals fans around St. Louis and across the Nation. With respects to Yadier Molina who’s been a 10 time All-star with the Cardinals; from 2001-2011 Albert Pujols has more home runs than any Cardinal player ever with 475. He was voted to into the Major League Baseball All-Star team nine times by his pierce, named rookie of the year by Major League Baseball sports writers in 2001 and 3-time National League’s Most Valuable Player award. And he helped led his team to two World Series titles with the Cardinals that he was a member in 2006 and 2011.

When he left the team following the 2011 to the Los Angeles Angles, Pujols was still a great ball player but wasn’t the same player that he was during his first 10 years with Cardinals. He only made 1 all-star appearance during his 9 years away from the team and his batting average started go down. His home runs numbers also started going down while fighting injuries and suddenly Pujols didn’t get much playing time in fact he had his worst season in 2020 when he only had 6 home runs and 25 RBI’s. The Cardinals claimed him through free agency during the offseason and what he’s doing is nothing short but great. He was voted back in as an All-Star, the team currently is in first place in the National League Central Division which he’s a part of the best line up in baseball that involves rising players like Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt and he’s got 17 home runs this season which he’s got 4 HR left to get to 700. Albert Pujols’s rise has been nothing short but awesome to watch.  I’ve never seen Cardinal player in my generation that has made such a huge impact at this magnitude especially this season. I know somebody will ask about what about Mark McGwire and his 4 ½ season with the team, well those great too but he wasn’t apart of Championship winning team nor did he lead them to a World Series title like Albert has done. Should Pujols lead the Cardinals to another World Series title he will equal Stan Musial for the most World Series titles won with team along with this teammate Yadier Molina. I don’t know what he’ll do after this season, it’s doubtful he’ll come back and play another season but if he doesn’t, it’s been one hell of run and in my view, he should be regarded as The Greatest Cardinals Player Ever in This Present Generation.


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